Awards 2019

Awards 2019 : Second of all, my apologies if you haven’t been reading regular posts from me these past three weeks. I’ve been off during the holidays doing my due awards-season diligence, watching everything from front runners like Mary Poppins Returns to outliers like At Eternity’s Gate (all while visiting friends and family abroad, of course), so that I can make the informed prognostications you are about to read. I’ll make a prediction on who will win, based on the Golden Globe’s track record, and who should win, just because I’m a critic.

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Awards 2019 Live

Awards season officially kicks off with the Golden Globes ceremony on Sunday evening, January 6 (to be broadcast live here via Blue Ant Entertainment starting at 9am Monday, January 7). The 90-member Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which votes on the Globes, are known for their idiosyncratic tastes and emphasis on star power in their choices.

As such, the Globes stopped being a reliable predictor for Oscar glory ages ago. Still, the ceremony is a good booster for any potential Oscar contender’s presence, because voting for Academy Award nominations start a day after the HFPA hands out their golden spheres.

SHOULD WIN: If Roma were nominated here, there would be no doubt where my allegiance would lie. As it stands, with all of the other four nominees having their shortcomings, I would place my bet of worthiness on BlacKkKlansman, just because its outrageousness is so topical.